Top Tax Back is an online based tax agent. We noticed that tax agents and accountancy firms were getting away with charging exorbinant fees. We’ve stepped in to stop this ‘acceptance’ and give back to the working man/woman.

Our company was formed to provide a quality service at an affordable price.

You, the public, have stated that you do not want to take time off work just to sort out your tax affairs or would rather spend this time working on your business or with family.

At Top Tax Back we have listened to your concerns and have set up a secure online website that allows you to apply for a Tax Return/Tax Refund claim from the comfort of your own home.

We predominantly deal with Personal Tax Returns, PAYE Tax Refund claims. Our consultants are experts in Self Employment/CIS laws and processes.


Send us an email, use our LIVE chat window or give us a call. We understand it’s difficult to call within normal business hours so we have maintained an open door policy… call, chat or email at any time of the day (within reason) and expect a reply generally within the hour (definitely within 24 hours).

Use any of the available mediums to contact us.